Be cool and Tea with Me this Saturday at Poler

Summer is unofficially here!  Come by this weekend for some vegan matcha latte, and LemonTox tea!  9 hand-picked vendors and Jadetiger Tea will take over old Laguna Nursery's Atrium at Poler 1360 S. Coast Hwy. 2 pm: LIVE {TEA OUTDOORS} demo with a high grade oolong from April's Taiwan trek. Now that I'm officially out of the corporate world and working more in the creative realm, all I want to do is be around other creators and makers.  I am thirsty to seek out positive, forward-rolling energy.  One outlet for expressing this vibe is by organizing maker's events.  My first event last holiday, Shop + Nibble at Five Crowns was hugely successful and more than anything, I enjoyed meeting the vendors and making productive connections.  I wanted to build on that - but take a more salt of the earth approach with a outdoorsy, summer, camp vibe theme.

This Saturday, you can sample honey comb from a LIVE bee hive, find upcycled wood work, soy candles, mini-cactus gardens, original macrame work... and of course since it's my event, there will be mini-donuts, glow make overs, cool jewelry, pressed juices, all in a beautiful space, with lost of GOOD VIBES!



I'm a picky girl who appreciates heart, craftsmanship, and hustle. Come out and see what SoCal's best girl bosses have been up to #shopsmall #summerfestlaguna

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