Can you feel it? Painted Lady butterflies are migrating, California poppies are super blooming, nature’s internal clock is changing, daylight is saving….! However, I’m not ready to make the jump from hot to iced tea yet. The exciting Spring feeling is welling up in me , so I decided to set a few pastel-inspired tea tables to share.

We will be camping in Anza Borrego in a couple weeks. I can’t wait to share how I tea outdoors - there’s nothing like sipping an amazing cup of tea while taking in fresh skies, greenery, and clean, organic solitude. Later in April we’ve got a Peruvian adventure planned that includes a medicinal and herbal hike. I definitely see a cup of maté de coca in my future (which Is banned from the states for it’s minuscule cocaine content). I am so excited to learn about indigenous remedies. The kids have native Andean blood running through their veins, so we will be literally and figuratively getting back to our roots. What do you have planned this Spring?


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